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We are the manufacturer of Control Panels and Relay Rack assemblies for clients in a wide range of industries. We offer custom design and fabrication for OEM clients, contractors, and end users requiring either large or small production runs.

In addition, We offers full turnkey Instrumentation and Control (I&C) services. We have the expertise and flexibility to meet all your needs. Each panel includes wire duct and terminal blocks and is sized based on how much space you need to field install your components. After choosing from other customizable options, we’ll build and ship a panel that’s ready for field installation.

Our panels feature conservative designs with switching devices, fusing and internal wiring derated from the manufacturer’s specified maximum allowable currents.

Types Of Control Panels

  • PLC Control Panel
  • RLC Control Panel
  • VFD Control Panel
  • Servo Control panel
  • Vision Control Panel