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Omron Sensors Dealers in Chennai

Are you looking for Omron Sensor Dealers in Chennai? Then this is the right place for you. Sensing Components is used to detect measure, analyze, and process different changes that happen on production sites, for example, changes in position, length, height, displacement, and appearance. They additionally add to predicting and avoid future events.

Sensors are the basic required component in Industrial Automation Process.  Multitech System provides all types of Omron Sensors like  Proximity Sensors, Fiber sensors, Vision Sensors, Displacement and Measurement Sensors, Photomicro Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors,  Rotary Encoders, Ultrasonic Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Contact, and Liquid Leakage Sensors, etc.,

Multitech Systems is one of the Authorised Omron Sensors Dealers in Chennai.  And get a free demo for your industrial sensors applications and get a special discount.

Proximity sensors are common, reliable, and durable solutions for applications requiring non-contact detection. Multitech Provide all types of Proximity Sensors like Cylindrical, Rectangular, Capacitive, Other etc..,

Photoelectric sensors are utilized to detect distance, absence or presence of objects utilizing a light transmitter and collector. We provide all types of Photoelectric Sensors like Separate Amplifier, Built-in Amplifier, Built-in Power Supply, Area Sensors, Accessories etc..,

Fiber sensors combined with optic fiber cables and amplifiers to give accurate detection of objects in different applications. Multitech Deals all types of Fiber Sensors like Fiber Units, fiber Amplifier etc..,

Displacement and Measure sensors can be utilized to measure distances and heights. A wide variety of models is available, including Laser Sensors, LED Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Contact Sensors, and more.

Photomicro Optical Sensors gives a compact, low-cost method to detect work pieces. Many models are available, including Slot-type Sensors for non-modulated or modulated light, Reflective Sensors, and Sensors with separate emitters and receivers.

Rotary Encoder are utilized to electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft by converting shaft rotation into electronic pulses. We offer all types of Rotary Products like Incremental, Absolute and More

Ultrasonic Sensors are utilized to enable stable detection of transparent objects, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, transparent films, and plate glass, using Through-beam or Reflective Sensors.

Pressure Sensors are devices used in a variety of applications requiring precise and accurate pressure measurement of gases or liquids.

Contact & Liquid Leakage Sensors is a wide range of Liquid Leakage Sensors such as Sensing Bands, Chemical-resistance Sensors, Point Sensors, and Sensors resistant to high temperatures. They are generally utilized in semiconductor production equipment and clean rooms.