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Omron Dealers

Are you are searching for Omron Dealers? We are one of the leading company in the field of Industrial Automation. For the last 10 years Multitech System offering a wide range of Industrial Automation products like Automation System(PLC, HMI), Sensing Components(Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Photomicro Sensors, Rotary Encoder etc.,), Control Components(Relays, Temperature Controllers, Counter, Timers etc..,), Motion and Drives(AC Servo Motors & Drives, Inverters).

And Safety Components(Safety Light Curtains, Safety Door Switches, Safety Limit Switches, Emergency Stop Switches, Safety Switches, Safety Relays, Safety Controllers), Vision Sensors, etc.., We are the one stop solution Provider for all your Industrial Automation Products.

Automation System

Automation System plays a significant Role in every Industry to build Quality and Quantity of Production. Automation System products like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI) that help machine control.

Sensing Solutions

Sensors are the most essential, normally utilized segments in Automation. We offer wide variety of sensors, including Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors and Rotary Encoders etc.,

Control Components

Controllers are widely utilized in industries to control or maintain required output in the Process. Omron offering highly accurate and Reliable Temperature Controller, Temperature +Humidity Controller, Timers, Counters etc.,


Drives are application optimized and appropriate for a wide scope of industries. Our Drives Combining development with high durability and top performers in heavy duty industrial applications Like Automotive, Tire, Sugar Industry.

Safety Components

Safety  is one of the important aspect in every industry, For Industrial Safety we are offering a wide range of Safety Components like Safety Light Curtain, Safety Door Switches, Safety Controllers, Safety Sensors, Safety Laser Scanner and so forth..


Robot arms, robot controllers, and vision systems for flexible production lines.

RFID and Vision Sensors:-

3 in 1 RFID: Antenna, Amplifier & Controller. Vision sensors for high-speed positioning machines.

Control Panel:-

Control Panel is one of the important components in any industry, we are designed and manufacturing custom designed PLC based Panels, Drive based Panels, Servo based Panels.

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