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Omron Digital Counter in Chennai

Multitech System offering Omron Digital Counter in Chennai. Counters, generally utilized in manufacturing lines and automation systems, display and control received pulse signals from input devices

We are providing General Purpose Counters,  Totalizing Counters, Time counters, preset counters, and Multi counters with reasonable prices in Chennai, Bangalore.  We are the Omron Authorized Distributors in Chennai.

Get a special discount on Digital counter product series like H7CN, H7BX, H7AN, H7CZ, H7CX-A, H7GP, H7HP, and H8BM-R, etc.

General Purpose Preset Counters turn ON/OFF control outputs when the present value arrive at the preset value. Easy-to-read LCD/LED displays are given. Preset Counters with tachometer functions are additionally available.

Totalizing Counters show the number of count inputs and Time Counters display the measured operating time. Large, easy-to-read displays are given. Compact Tachometers are also accessible.

Multi Counter Model H8BM-R multi-maintenance counter/timer gives up to 9 accumulative counters or timers for machine tool maintenance.

Omron Digital Counters offered by Multitech System, a leading Authorized Distributor of Digital Counters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We also Provides Digital Counters, Servo Motors & Drives, Inverters, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interface(HMI), Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Relays, Timers, Counters, Drives, Inverters, Safety Sensors, Safety Relays, Fiber sensors, Rotary Encoders, etc.,