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Photomicro Sensors

EE-SPX301 / 401, EE-SPY30 / 40

Photomicrosensor with light modulation is not influenced by external light.


Photomicrosensor with built-in amplifier and attached cable reduces external light interference.

EE-SPX74 / SPX84

Photomicrosensor with light modulation for reduced external light interference and a connector for easy maintenance.


Built-in connector enables downsizing and easier connection. Protective circuit for safe operation.

EE-SX47 / SX67

Global Standard Slot-type photomicrosensors with 50- to 100-mA direct switching capacity.

EE-SX77 / SX87

Slim, Compact Photomicrosensor that is still easy to use.

EE-SPX303N / SPX403N

A Wide Slot Width of 13 mm and Superior Resistance to Light Interference and Noise.


Meeting Customer Needs with Ultracompact Sensors that Mount with M3 Screws